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This private album was recorded in primitive conditions at home on a 2-track recorder, by three musicians who recorded this as a fictive trio just for their own enjoyment, and they printed only 300 copies of their results. With no other ambitions other than capturing this real moment of enjoyment, it also has all the charm of its private intention. The style of their songs and arrangements strangely enough, for a French product, is very much American, often with a West Coast reference. Crosby, Stills & Nash comes very easily in mind, especially for the sweet harmonies of the trio singing together, in combination with nice and easy guitar strums. On ‚"The Loner I know‚", it is Neil Young with Crazy Horse which comes to mind, for the song/singing but also for the acoustic guitar and mouth harmonica style. Also on the later ‚"Evening Song‚" this harmonica and a comparable feeling can be noticed. On ‚"Ride Along‚" this West Coast vibe has a more country influence, with use of funny violins. Differently sung is ‚"Mescaline Peas‚", which rock’n roll vibe is more a cross between Rolling Stones and Dylan. Comparable, a bit more late 60s styled is ‚"Cocaine Dress‚", with a bit of wah-wahing electric guitar. Some nice fuzz guitars can be heard on ‚"My Freedom Knows‚", a song also with a late 60s feeling. Also ‚"Whatever it is called‚" has psychedelic fuzz guitars, which combine well with the sweet rhythms and vocals.

Reissue Guerssen Records 2008
limited edition of only 500 copies