Young, Steve - Rock, Salt & Nails (CD)


Country- / Folkrock




Big Pink



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Thee was a time after rock music's rockabilly birth when the style and market of rock music was clearly divided from country music. In the last 60's Mr. Young, along with the Eagles, the Byrds and others made bariers a lot less distinct. This CD is an eclectic mix of Young originals, soul covers and country covers pulled together by Mr. Young's unique voice and intensity. Listening to this album it is easy to understand how he influenced so many performers who went on to greater popularity. There is no mistaking the quality, but it is also clear there is no concession to esablished markets. Young's much covered song Seven Bridges Road, Johny Horton's One Woman Man, Utah Philips Rock Salt and Nails and songs about coyotes and by Hank Williams somehow make sense on the same CD with Mr. Young's soulful delivery.

Reissue Big Pink 2010
CD in Mini-LP-Sleeve with OBI