Yezda Urfa - Boris + 1 Bonus Track (CD)









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Progressive Rock (USA)

Original release 1975
Re-issue Syn-Phonic, US
+ 1 Bonus Track

YEZDA URFA biography
YEZDA URFA were one of the finest American progressive rock groups of the 70's. Sacred Baboon, of course, is a very fine album in its own right, but I prefer Boris for its more immediate intensity YEZDA URFA's brand of dazzlingly complex, YES-influenced symphonic rock is an exercise in mad genius and rare dexterity. Often played at frantic speeds, the quintet rips through long (except the banjo stomp Texas Armadillo) compositions of key and time changes like they spent every minute of those years practicing them. Reissue of this is sorely needed. One of progressive rock's last unreissued masterpieces.
Track listing
Side 1
1. Boris and his 3 verses, including flow guides aren't my bag (11:00)
2. Texas Armadillo (1:48)
3. 3, almost 4, 6 yea (8:46)
4. Tuta in the Moya & Tyreczimmage (10:50)
5. Three tons of fresh thyroid glands (10:20)
+ Bonus Track:
The basis of Dubenglazy while Dirk does the dance (9:51)

- Brad Christoff / percussion, all sorts
- Phil Kimbrough / keyboards, synthesizers, mandolin, wind instruments
- Mark Tippins / guitars, banjo, vocals
- Marc Miller / bass
- Rick Rodenbaugh / vocals