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Yesterday's Children - Yesterday's Children (CD)







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Yesterday's Children - Yesterday's Children

This elegant CD reissues the sole album by this obscure Connecticut group who recorded this one LP and a classic psychedelic garage punk single which appears on the Psychedelic Unknowns compilation. While the debut single was classic beat garage of the period 1966, by the 1969 album the group expanded into more hard rock and progressive styles -- and this album is drenched in the lead guitar blitz of Reggie Wright. The group was led by brothers Denis Croce on guitar and Richard Croce on vocals, and Chuck Maher and Ralph Muscatelli on bass and drums. The group is not to be confused with a Chicago-area group of the same name and era who appeared on the Pebbles box set. The reissue on Italian obscure specialist label Akarma is a stunning object to behold and an audiophile remaster of this underground classic.

Well, this can be considered a holy grail of american heavy psych.

Consistely a really superb heavy psych with some hard rock, garage and boogie moves, fuzzy guitars, great vocal work and a raunchy, potential and powerful sound, sometimes i can compare them with the Litter, but they were more hard rocking than the Litter, sometimes reminds me to Cactus and in the most psychedelic numbers haves some Blue Cheer vibes. Is a perfect amalgam between the late-60's garage psych with the early-70's hard rock, in the same level of Sir Lord Baltimore, Banchee, Pulse, Odyssey and other early east coast heavy psych outfits.

Studio Album, released in 1969
CD reissue Akarma Records
sealed !