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Back after 14 years the new WYXMER album!!
Strong Metal Epic Progressive band from Florence, authors of legendary ‚"The Syre of..‚" in 1991, a gem for collectors...they are finally back with this new ‚"Feudal Throne‚" which includes a wonderful cover version of ‚"Futilist’s Lament‚" from HIGH TIDE with a powerful performance of the talented singer Astor Pride! Strongly influenced by Warlord, Genesis, Uriah Heep, High Tide with great classical symphonies à la Beggars Opera, they’ll bring you in a fantastic journey through the true Heavy Progressive sound..

Mistikal Wyvern
I will rise again
King of the ladies
Steed 'n' cavalier
Human crime
Quietless mind
My princess bride
Futilist's lament
Turkish march

Line Up:
Astor Pride: vocals
Brian ‚"Molla‚" Stone: Bass
Glenn Tower: Drums
Stiven D’Ario: Guitars
Eros Fromm: Keyboards

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