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Originally released 1975
CD reissue 2015 Paisley Press

Digitally remastered !
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A Quick Step is the debut full-length studio album by Belgian progressive rock act Womega. The album was released through EMI in the winter of 1975. It is the only album release by the band.

In addition to two guitarists, a bassist, a drummer, a lead vocalist Womega also features a brass/flute player and a keyboard player.
The two last mentioned add tasteful textures to the music. The rythm section is in the jazz-rock vein, while the guitars play both harmony runs and funky rythms.
Also there's pomp, Canterbury, proto, symphonic, fusion, Zappa and lots of mellotron and flute, in the most unexpected places.
Some parts are more simplistic, giving it a radio friendly sound, and then followed by something entirely difficult and complex.
One of the greatest assets of the album is the high level musicianship. These guys can play and they often venture into adventurous territories to show it off.


Jos Bertrand - Drums
Herman Merken - Vocals
Paul Peters - Brass, Flute
Duk Vanlessen - Guitars
Jen Vanlessen - Bass
Jos Vanlessen - Guitars
Paul Vrijens - Keyboards


1) Nympho's Belly Button 5:15
2) Along came You 4:37
3) Christo Said 4:55
4) (Sweet) Sleeping Sixteen 5:41
5) Bagatel 1:59
6) Heros Of Flames 3:55
7) Tearful Thoughts 7:03
8) Tu Quoque 5:15