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Warhorse - Warhorse (Doppel Vinyl)






Doppel Vinyl



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Original released 1970
Vinyl Reissue Akarma Records

Warhorse biography
Most famous for being the band of ex-MK1 PURPLE bassist Nicky Simper, this group also had in members Ashley Holt on vocals, Mac Poole on drums, Frank Wilson on kbs and respectively Ged Peck and Pete Parker on guitars on their first and second albums. Their first album is very much in the mould of DEEP PURPLE in between the Mk1 and Mk2 sound, but their second is an harder edged affair with more prominent affair. Both albums are quite fine in quality and should please most progheads into the 70's. It is interesting to make a parallel between WARHORSE and CAPTAIN BEYOND as that band had the other ex-PURPLE frontman Rod Evans, and they also developed an harder edged sound than that of Mk1 PURPLE, one of the reasons Ritchie BLACKMORE sacked the two unlucky boys.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Vulture Blood (6:13)
2. No Chance (6:22)
3. Burning (6:17)
4. St. Louis (3:50)
5. Ritual (4:54)
6. Solitude (8:48)
7. Woman of the Devil (7:16)
8. Ritual [live/*] (5:06)
9. Miss Jane [*/demo version] (3:37)
10. Solitude [live/*] (4:52)
11. Woman of the Devil [live/*] (6:45)
12. Burning [live/*] (6:09)

Line-up / Musicians

- Ashley Holt / vocals
- Ged Peck / guitar
- Mac Poole / drums
- Nick Simper / bass
- J. Frank Wilson / keyboards
- Frank Wilson / organ, piano