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Various Artists - Voodoo Crossing - A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix (Doppel Vinyl)




Giorgio Mangora Productions


Doppel Vinyl



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Voodoo Crossing - A Tribute to Jimi Hendrix - Vol. 1' is over 110 minutes of guitar driven psychedelic-blues-rock tracks that are bursting with the energy that Hendrix left behind and filled with the technology and know how available in studios today. This is blues-rock at its definitive zenith, no question about it. This LP rocks straight out of the gate and there is not one second of reprieve for your ears, and that is a good thing. Do you love Hendrix or blues-rock? Then you really need to hear this LP. Now for the best part, this is only volume 1! His ghost is still among us and projects like this are the proof. Comes in a thick pasted cover.


Side one:

1. Third Stone From The Sun - Steve Lukather
2. Castles Made Of Sand - Scott Finch
3. I Don't Live Today - Pat Travers
4. Stone Free - Mark Doyle

Side two:

1. Spanish Castle Magic - Scott Finch
2. Her My Train A Comin - Steve Lukather
3. If 6 Was 9 - Vic Vergeat
4. Fire - John Nitzinger
5. Bold As Love - Robben Ford
6. Up From The Skyes - Tony Spinner

Side three

1. House Burning Down - Larry Coryell
2. Message To Love - Robben Ford
3. Ezy Rider - Pat Travers
4. Little Wing - Mark Doyle
5. Nightbird Flying - Scott Finch
6. Rainy Day Dream Away - Vic Vergeat

Side four:

1. Purple Haze - Larry Coryell
2. Voodoo Chile - Hiram Bullock
3. Hey Joe - Mike Onesko
4. Villanova Junction Blues - Arlen Roth
5. Jimi Speaks - Jimi Hendrix