Vangelis Papathanassiou - Earth (CD)







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Original release 1973 Vertigo

Arranged performed and produced by Vangelis.

Sound engineer: Roger Roche, Didier Pitois and Didier Périer
Recorded at: Europa-Sonor studios (Poste Parisien)
Background vocals: Vangelis and Anargyros Koulouris
Lead vocal on: Come on, He-o, Let it happen and My face in the rain: Robert Fitoussi
Warren Shapovitch: narration on We are all uprooted and A song.

Classic album made in the early '70s. It's brilliant and similar to the '666' album (If you haven't heard that then you are missing a classic). A hard to describe mixture of great songs, rock textures, melodic almost Arabian music and strange dialogue, this is a wonderful release that bears up to constant listening.