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Voodoo Crossing: A Tribute To Jimi Hendrix-Vol. 1>

For the tribute to Hendrix project Voodoo crossing Comet invited a couple of (well) known guitarists and asked them to record two songs each. Tony Spinner, second guitar player for Toto during the Through the looking glass tour recorded Up from the skies and Little miss lover. Steve Lukather recorded in March 2003 Third stone from the sun and Hear my train a comin. On Voodoo crossing Comet presents the first part of the project. The plan is to release the second part in 2004. Voodoo crossing will be released in September 2003.

Lukather on March 7th 2003: It came out GREAT!!! I am mixing the second tune today. Third stone from the sun and Hear my train a comin... All cut live. Simon, John Pierce and me. Third stone from the sun has some talking overdubs but ALL music and solo's were done live, no click, just real. I even broke Simon's chair while I was playin Hear my train a comin, and I kept playing, even though my knee was fucked. Hahaha. No pain, no gain, hahaha.


1. Third Stone From The Sun - Steve Lukather
2. Castles Made Of Sand - Scott Finch
3. Message To Love - Robben Ford
4. House Burning Down - Larry Coryell
5. May This Be Love - Jeff Richman
6. Manic Depression - Alessio Menconi
7. Villanova Junction Blues - Arlen Roth
8. If 6 Was 9 - Vic Vergeat
9. Red House - Joe Colombo
10. Voodoo Chile - Hiram Bullock
11. Up From The Skies - Tony Spinner
12. Stone Free - Mark Doyle
13. I Don't Live Today - Pat Travers
14. Fire - John Nitzinger
15. Hey Joe - Mike Onesko
16. Speaks - Jimi