V.A. - Texas Flashback Vol.4 (CD)




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Again the best of the most obscure unknown 60's punk and psychedelic music out of the Texas area, based on the original cult lp. Special with this new release; the secret and true story of Leo and the Prophets on the inside of a foldable poster!!!


1. The Wind - Don't Take Your Love Away
2. The Noblemen - Stop Your Running Around
3. Mike Renolds & The Infants Of Soul - When Will I Find Her
4. The Notations - Everything's All Right
5. The Exotics - Queen Of Shadows
6. The Exotics - I Was Alone
7. The Infinite Staircase - Margaret
8. Modulation Corporation - What To Do
9. The Roks - Hey Joe
10. Leo & The Prophets - Tilt-A-Whirl
11. The Perils - Hate
12. The Madison Revue - Another Man
13. The Bear Fax - Out Of Our Tree
14. Changing Times - Cry
15. The Heard - You're Gonna Miss Me
16. The Heard - Exit 9

Label: Way Back Records