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Sequel to the CD Flashback Vol. I, now volume II. Again the best of the most obscure unknown 60's punk and psychedelic music out of the Texas area, based on the original cult LP's. Feat: a.o. The Jades, The Blue Things, Jimmy Rabbit And The Karats and The Outcasts playing their furiously crude music.


1. The Jades - I'm All Right
2. The Oxford Circus - 4th Street Carnival
3. The Bluethings - Twist And Shout
4. Jimmy Rabbit With Ron & Dea - Pushover
5. Wally & The Rights - Hey Now Little Girl
6. The Boys - You Deceived Me
7. The One Way Street - Joy And Sorrow
8. The Twilighters - Nothing Can Bring Me Down
9. The Outcasts - I'm In Pittsburgh (And It's Raining)
10. S.J. & The Crossroads - Get Out Of My Life Woman
11. The Iguanas - I Can Only Give You Everything
13. The Runaways - 18th Floor Girl
14. The Chevelle V - Come Back Bird
14. The Six Pents - She Lied
15. The Knight's Bridge - C.J. Smith
16. The Knight's Bridge - Make Me Some Love

Label: Way Back Records