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V.A. - Lights Out: San Francisco - Voco presents The Soul Of The Bay Area (Digipack)




Second Harvest





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Original release 1972
Re-issue 2007 Second Harvest
Digipak !!!

feat. Tower Of Power, John Lee Hooker, Neal Schon, Greg Errico & The Pointer Sisters

Various Artists - Lights Out:San Francisco
'Voco Presents The Soul Of The Bay Area' - Featuring unreleased tracks from TOWER OF POWER - the killer being MAHDI(THE EXPECTED ONE)

Notes: this CD features four cuts from Tower of Power, plus cuts from other San Fransisco groups. By the time that the album was released, TOP had already signed to Warner, which wouldn't permit TOP's name to be used on the jacket, which had already been made up.


1. Lights Out
2. Voco
3. Mahdi (The Expected One)
4. Cleo's Back
5. Loves To Do It
6. Dead
7. Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
8. Why Was I Born?
9. Brother Antrainik
10. Dina
11. 20/20 Vision