V.A. - I Don't Care: The No Fun And Plurex Singles (Vinyl)




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All tracks originally released 1978
Vinyl reissue 2015 Pseudonym Records

Sealed !


Chapter No Fun
A1 God's Heart Attack Treat Me Like A Doll 2:15
A2 God's Heart Attack Ain't No Hooker 1:53
A3 Helmettes I Don't Care What The People Say 2:18
A4 Helmettes 1/2 2 1:54
A5 Mecano Ltd.* Face Cover Face 2:20
A6 Mecano Ltd.* Fools 2:15
A7 Subway Jesus Loves Me (But I Don't Care) 2:30
A8 Subway You Gotta Support 3:13

Chapter Plurex
B1 Tits Daddy Is My Pusher 2:29
B2 Tits We're So Glad Elvis Is Dead 1:57
B3 Mollesters Plastic 1:52
B4 Mollesters I Am 1:56
B5 Filth Don't Hide Your Hate 1:34
B6 Filth Sex 1:21
B7 Filth Nothing For Me 1:09
B8 Ton van der Meer Niets Aan Me Leven 3:09
B9 Ton van der Meer Ik Zie 't Niet Meer Zitten 1:28

Remastered in the 24-bit domain from the original master tapes at Fine Tune, Soest, The Netherlands.
A compilation of early dutch punk singles originally released on No Fun records and Plurex records.
Gatefold sleeve with photos of the bands and liner notes by Jan Vollaard. 180 gram vinyl.