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V.A. - Gitarijada Vojvodine Kisac 75 (Vinyl)









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Originally released 1975
Vinyl reissue 2015 Atlantide


PESCANI SAT open up the dance with a grandiose pop rock tune that is clothed in a garment of lush string arrangements and presents a beautiful lead melody plus a few simmering hot guitar solos that scream right down into your face. PROCES with their title ‚"Sarena svetla‚" deliver an atmospheric 70s rock tune with a gentle edge and vocals that bear a strong character. At some point it turns into a furious but joyful gypsy dance and then straight afterwards it becomes a bluesy and jazzy fuzz rocker for the solo with some additional brass section. There is an ever pulsating percussion sound backing up the track, giving it an out of control groove. SANI with ‚"Eleonor‚" rock next in a straight 60s garage fashion. A bit retro for the time of its release but never the less a kick ass raw beat number with a memorable chorus. KUD and their ‚"Kud I‚" tune have enjoyed a musical socialization with the contemporary funk, soul, psyche rock and garage rock of their youth and now mix it up to a hot blooded, memorable rock tune with a classical melody thrown in here and there for the good measure and some nice fuzzed out guitars. Beautiful choirs spice up this tune and make it another highlight and the organ used as a lead instrument comes in a wild fashion. We turn over the disk to its B-side and KOREN with ‚"Tema Br. 13‚" give us some dark and bluesy rock with heavy organ sound carpet and a skilled axeman who knows to fire some beautiful jazzy leads and simmering hot eruptive solos from the neck of his axe. The whole tune has a melancholic approach with a solemn aspect. NELIJA who now enchant our ears with a gentle tune in an acoustic fashion combine the beauty of 70s hippiefolk with elements of traditional music from the Balkan countries. All in all their ‚"Put je dug pred nama‚" song is a simple yet utterly beautiful tune. Slightly folky with rich melody textures comes ‚"Cekanje‚", a light weight but heart warming pop song with a 60s US westcoast flair courtesy of CVRCAK I. One more band I never heard of before but with a great hand for sweet arrangements as the strings and flute patterns of this song prove. OMEGA have nothing to do with their Hungarian namesakes and play a rather jazzy late 60s style pop once more with a US westcoast flair. They sing in their native tongue and might therefore sound a bit far out for the average music listener but fans of that late 60s stuff mixing jazz, blues and pop will find a rich treasure in this song and in this compilation album. So there are more places than Berlin, London, L.A. or Tokyo, you can even find awesome music of international format in the Serbian back country. Give this album a chance if you are a true music lover.