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V.A. - Fading Yellow Volume One (Doppel Vinyl)




Flower Machine Records


Doppel Vinyl



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Original released 1995
Double Vinyl Reissue Flower Machine Records
eingeschweißt - sealed !

1995 saw the release of the original 'Fading Yellow' LP, numbered edition of 330 copies which sold out fast. Nine of the trax from that LP made it onto the 2002 'Fading Yellow, Volume 1' CD. So to promote this 10 year anniversary this limited edition double LP (500 numbered copies) is released, including new photos and improved sound. Beautiful fully laminated gatefold sleeve. Pressed on 160-gram thick virgin vinyl, housed in black polylined innersleeves.
Considered perhaps the best comp ever made in this genre.

Tracklist :
A1. KATE - Strange Girl 3,04
A2. DEAN FORD & THE GAYLORDS - That Lonely Feeling 2,41
A3. EDDY HOWELL - Easy Street 3,01
A4. MIKE BATT - Fading Yellow 3,45
A5. STEFF SULKE - Oh, What A Lovely Day 3,04
A6.JOHN WILLIAMS - Flowers In Your Hair. 2,42
B7. THE ZEPHYRS - I Just Can't Take It 2,31
B8. JON - Is It Love? 2,52
B9. KOOBAS- Woe, Is Love My Dear 2,27
B10. THE ORANGE BICYCLE - Competition 2,40
B11. THE GREMLINS - The Only Thing On My Mind 2,06
B12. QUINTIN E. KLOPJAEGER & THE GONKS - The Long Way Home 2,28
C13. SUNDRAGON - Far Away Mountain 2,57
C14. JUAN & JUNIOR - Andurina 3,10
C15. HAMLET - She Won't See The Light 2,08
C16. PAUL & BARRY RYAN - Madrigal 2,17
C17. PHIL CORDELL - Red Lady 2,25
C18. RONNIE BIRD - Sad Soul 2,54
D19. RONNIE BIRD - Raining In The City 2,37
D20. ELLIOTS SUNSHINE - Cos I'm Lonely 3,08
D21. PETER JANES - Do You Believe (Love Is Built On A Dream) 2,54
D22. THE BLISS - Lifetime 2,47
D23. THE JACKPOTS - King Of The World 2,50
D24. MEMBERS OF TIME - Dreamin 2,39
D25. AEROVONS - World Of You 2,24