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V.A. - Circus Days: (CD)




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Various Artists
6 CDs 2010 Otherside

Sealed !

A compendium of curios from the great british psychedelic era.

-Clover, Ice Cream Man
-Los Brincos, Nobody Wants You Now
-Rhubarb Rhubarb, Moneylender
-Peter Cook & Dudley Moore, Bedazzled
-Jackie Lomax, Honey Machine
-Stars, Auntie Annie's Place
-Head West, Someday
-Waterloo, Why May I Not Know
-Johnny Burton, Polevault Man
-Tandem, Shapes & Shadows
-Penny Peeps, The I See The Morning
-Jon Plum, Alice
-Nick Garrie, Wheel Of Fortune
-Dry Ice, Running To The Convent
-Arzachel, Garden Of Earthly Delights
-Vashti*, I'd Like To Walk Around In Your Mind
-High Tide, Formation Fluffy
-Green Scarab, The, Dance Of The Green Scarab
-Fruit Machine, The, Follow Me
-Orange Peel, I Got No Time
-Smoke, Dreams Of Dreams
-Nimrod, The Bird
-Fingers, The, Circus With A Female Clown
-Blonde On Blonde, Castles In The Sky
-Wire Machine, The, The Doves
-Eggy, The, You're Still Mine
-Blonde On Blonde, Circles
-Fruit Machine, The, I'm Alone Today
-Green Scarab, The ,Asariah's Dance
-Cirkus, Amsterdam
-Tamara Koran & Perception, Veils Of Mourning Lace
-Rhubarb Rhubarb, Rainmaker
-Wire Machine, The, Mind Fascination
-Bob Monkhouse, In My Dream World
-Hat And Tie, Finding It Rough
-Actress, The, Good Job With Prospects
-Shy Limbs, Reputation
-Churchill's, Too Much In Love To Hear
-Lovin', The, Do It Again
-Summer Set, The, It's A Dream
-Thane Russal, Drop Everything And Run
-Mirage, The, Tomorrow Never Knows
-Ron Grainer Orchestra, The, The Prisoner
-Shy Limbs, Love
-Earth*, Resurrection City
-Druid, Chase Take Me In Your Garden
-Mirage, The, And Life Goes On
-Mariane, The, You Had Better Change Your Evil Ways
-Fenmen, The, Rejected
-Living Daylights, The, Jane
-Mirage, The, My Door
-Medium, The, Edward Never Lies
-Cats Pyjamas, Virginia Water
-Jerusalem, Kamakazi Moth
-Kate, Shout It
-Opus, Baby, Come On
-Andromeda, Go Your Way
-Bent Frame, Fairylights
-Answers, The, Tawny Wood
-Juan & Junior, To Girls
-Cardboard Orchestra, Yes I Heard A Little Bird
-Broken Toys, Broken Toys
-Shubert, Until The Rains Come
-Temple Row, King & Queen
-Jon Isherwood, Apple Pie
-Peter & The Wolves, Little Girl Lost And Found
-Peter Janes, Go Home Ulla
-Cortinas, The, Phoebe's Flower Shop
-Tuesday's Children, She
-Unknown Artist, Mystery Track #4
-Tomorrow's Thoughts, Night Is Like Day
-Rainbows, Rainbows
-Worrying Kynde, The, Sand & Water
-Clover, Ice Cream Man (Psych Version)
-Secrets, The, I Think I Need The Cash
-Threshold Of Pleasure, Rain, Rain, Rain
-Peter & The Wolves, Lantern Light
-David Copperfield Style, I've Been Wrong, I've Been Right
-Jason Crest Juliano, The Bull
-Blue Yoghurt*, Lydia
-Clover, Dream Dream Dream
-Sweetshop, The*, Barefoot & Tiptoe
-Dave Justin, You Outside
-Cecil McCartney, Liquid Blue
-Pattern People, Take A Walk In The Sun
-Juice, The Elastic Band
-Peels, The, Time Marches On
-Scots Of St. James, The, Eiderdown Clown
-Together, Memories Of Melinda
-Price* And Sheridan*, Tracy Smith
-Cymbaline, The, Fire
-Timothy Grass, The, Second Glance
-Queen Flora's Recollections, Red Brick House
-Motivation, Little Man
-Leze Majesty, Regency Gardens
-Sparrow, Dream Song
-Kate , Don't Make A Sound
-Idle Hands, The, Remember
-Green Pavane, The Nymphs Of Umtwalumi Wood
-Amelia Smile, The, Father Good's Space Flight
-Factory, The, Red Chalk Hill
-Essence, The, Call Me A Friend
-Peter & The Wolves, Smokey Wood Air
-Majamood, The, 200 Million Red Ants