V.A. - Acid Visions Vol. 6 - House of Fire (CD)









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Acid Visions Vol.6: House Of Fire (Spalax - CD) original sealed !!!

Cavaliers: Congregation for anti-flirts incorporated
Exotics: I was alone
Rogues: Go to him
Euphoria: In time
Persian Market: Shine my monkey
Penthouse Five: All my own bizarre dream
Outcasts: I'm in Pittsburgh and it's raining
Outcasts: Route 66
Esquires: Judgment day
Lynx: You lie
Livin' End: Your enemies
Sights & Sounds: You keep me hanging on
Esquires: Come on
Esquires: Come on, come on
Exotics: Come with me
Exotics: Going up, going down
Outcasts: My love
Outcasts: The birds
Persian Market: Flash in the pan
Penthouse Five: In his shadow
Penthouse Five: You're gonna make me

Volume 6 in this classic series now reissued with bonus volumes and tracks. Texas in the '60's produced the best and rawest garage punk filled with ripping fuzz, swirling keyboards and in your face vocal angst. This collection of driving Acid garage punk features rare 45's by The Cavaliers, The Exotics, The Rogues, The Penthouse Five, The Outcasts, The Persian Market, The Esquires, Sights and Sounds and others. Remastered sound and 21 tracks.