V.A. - Acid Visions Vol. 11 - The Living Eyes Club (CD)









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Song Title
1. I Cant Believe - Neal Ford And The Fanatics
2. I Will Not Be Lonely - Neal Ford The The Fanatics
3. I Will If You Want To - Neal Ford And The Fanatics
4. She Is All There Is - Neal Ford And The Fanatics
5. Enough Of What I Need - The Stoics
6. Hate - The Stoics
7. My My Oh My - The Coastliners
8. My Kind Of Girl - The Coastliners
9. Living Eye Theme - Lemon Fog, The
10. 25 Mph - Lost And Found
11. Long Night Summer - Elastic Prism
12. Nothingll Stand In My Way - Elastic Prism
13. Love It Is - Elastic Prism
14. Roll Over Beethoven - 13th Floor Elevators
15. Mercy Mercy - 13th Floor Elevators
16. Love Me Like She Can - Bubble Puppy
17. Beautiful Shadows - Bubble Puppy
18. Keep Your Mouth Shut Once In A While - Bubble Puppy
19. Secrets Of The Golden Shrine - Bubble Puppy

Subtitled - The Living Eyes Club.
Remastered reissue of 1966 compilation
Spalax Music

Neal Ford & The Fanatics, The Stoics, The Coastliners, Lemon Fog, Lost & Found, Elastic Prism, 13th Floor Elevators & Bubble Puppy. Includes ten previously unreleased tracks, Neal Ford & The Fanatics 'I Will If You Want Too' & 'She Is All There Is', The Coastliners 'My, My Oh My' & 'My Kind Of Girl', Elastic Prism 'Nothing Will Stand In My Way' & 'Love-It Is', Bubble Puppy 'Love Me Like She Can', 'Beautiful Shadows', 'Keep Your Mouth Shut Once In A While' & 'Secrets Of The Golden Shrine'. 19 tracks. Spalax. 2002.