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60's psychedelic rock rarities from Various Artists

Crystal Chandelier, The* The Setting Of Despair 2:44
Last Word, The* Bidin' My Time 2:13
Whatever, The The Valley Of Death 2:21
Allies, The (4) I'll Sell My Soul 2:43
World Column, The* Lantern Gospel 3:28
Hobbits, The Strawberry Children 3:23
Picture, The* Evolution 4:22
West Coast Branch* Colors Of My Life 2:30
Morticians, The It's Gonna Take A While 2:37
1st National Band When Once It Was Good 2:41
Savage Generation, The You're Not Going To Change My World 3:03
Starfires, The (2) There's Still Time 1:58
Hindenburg Lyon Eden 2:13
Ford Theatre Jefferson Airplane 3:04
Lords, The (3) Death Bells At Dawn 2:48
United Travel Service, The Wind And Stone 3:20
Culver Street Playground East River Lovers 2:56
Utopia Carwash Loneliness 3:17
Venus Flytrap, The* The Note 3:17
Rainy Daze, The In My Mind Lives A Forest 2:48
Zero Tolerance, The Acid And Flowers 3:25