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V.A. - 1993 Reggae Summer Festival (3 CD)






3 CD



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1993 Reggae Summer Festival: Live in Jamaica (UV 3CD) original sealed !!!

A fabulous 3CD set with all the best from the famous live Reggae event of 1993, Kingston, jamaica.

Disk: 1

1. Medley: Take These Chains (And Set Me Free)

2. Medley: I Will Love You Anyway/If Him Left/Mona Lisa/Gimme the Meat

3. Medley: Bad Minded People/Money a Run

4. Medley: Request the Condom/People Dead (If You Cross the Bridge)

5. Medley: Welcome the Outlaw/Want the Loving from a Good Man

6. Medley: You Could a Deal/Jack It Up

7. Medley: Who Say God Dead/D.J. Get the Grammy

8. More I Get

9. Medley: Gal Can't Cook/Ex Lover

10. Medley: D.J. Medley

11. Medley: Gal Say Yes/Informer Fe Dead/Papa Shot/Spy Fe Die

12. Child's Play II

13. Chatty, Chatty, No Get It

14. Movin' Away

Disk: 2

1. Medley: Want Your Body/Miss Cutey Cutey/My Love Is Murder

2. Medley: Pretty Looks Done/Medley

3. Medley: Tune in the Morning/Nite Nurse/All I Have Is Love/Ragamuffin'

4. Medley: Gal Dem a Holla/Love Is Lovely/Perplex the Flex/Shipment a Co

5. Goodie Goodie

6. Medley: Matey and Friends/This Year/Rude Boy Fe Live/No Apology

7. Believe in Miracles

8. Medley: Brinks/Gimme Gimme What We Want/Me Do It Nice

9. Medley: Forever Young/Movie Star/A Place in Your Heart

10. Medley: Your Body's Here With Me/Lord Is My Light/Poor Man's Struggle

Disk: 3

1. Medley: Joe Grind/Free Style With Shelly Thunder

2. Medley: One in a Million/Missin' You/I'll Never Fall in Love Again

3. Sumfest Medley

4. Montego Bay Medley

5. Medley: Worries/Kushung Peng/Now That You're Here With Me/Lady Love

6. Dance Hall Medley