Tucky Buzzard - Coming On Again + Bonus (CD)




Flawed Gems





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Original release 1971
Reissue 2011 Flawed Gems
Sealed !

In contrast to almost all sources it's very likely that this amazing, Spanish-only album was the first Tucky Buzzard LP ever - even earlier than the official, self-titled US Capitol debut from May 1971. Most probably this forgotten, hard progressive classic was taped in Madrid in the late 60's (still with first drummer Paul Francis who soon after went to Fuzzy Duck) and then released somewhere in 1971 by the Hispavox label. It's worth noting that some parts of the album were recorded with a little help of the Madrid Philharmonic Orchestra - especially the 14-minutes long title suite which is a fascinating and truly awesome work full of rich melodies and shifting rhythms. Undoubtedly this very impressive and freshly sounding mixture of pure heavy rock and orchestral sounds is the best Tucky Buzzard LP ever recorded!