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Total Issue - Total Issue + 2 bonus tracks (CD)




Flawed Gems





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Studio Album, released in 1971
CD Reissue Flawed Gems 2012
+ 2 rare bonus tracks
sealed !

Songs / Tracks Listing

Side 1
1- Les Marins (3:30)
2- La Porte ouverte (8 :20)
3- Come Down (2 :55)
4- Over The Shadow (3 :05)
5- Rustique (6:25)
6- Quiet Place (2 :35)
7- Dis-Mais-Dis (4 :03)
8- Résurrection (3 :45)
bonus tracks: (unreleased from French TV 1971)
9- Instrumental Jam I (1:13)
10- Instrumental Jam II (5:55)


Line-up / Musicians

Henri Tessier / bass, percussion, vocals
Aldo Romano / lead vocals, drums, guitars
Georges Locatelli / lead guitars, percussions, vocals
Michel Libretti / violin, guitars, drums, percussion, vocals
Chris Hayward / flute, keyboards, percussion, vocals.


Total Issue biography
This group came from the union of Romano, Texier and Locatelli and singer Huser, but soon became a sextet, before losing singer Huser just prior to recording their sole album. Aside from Libretti (ex-Martin Circus), all the members of Total Issue came from the jazz circuit, and the music they develop was a guitar-dominated progressive jazz-rock with some good folk influences. The group also released five singles over the course of three years, of which two were taken from their self-titled album, the other three being non-albums. Part of the tracks in their sole albums were written by Swiss JP Huser, who had quit the band before they entered the studio. Soon after the album's release, Libretti exited and was replaced by Yves Choart, which brought a poppier feel as shown ibn their last singles. The group disappeared during the course of 72.

Not much else is known of the band, and if someone knows more of the group's background or post Total Issue career; please inform me via the PM in the forum. To my knowledge, their sole album has never seen a Cd re-issue, which is too bad given the unique nature of the music and the possibility of bonus non-album singles tracks (at least 6).