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Tokens - Intercourse (Digipack)




Beatball Records





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Original release 1969

Re-issue 2003 Beatball Records
Digipak-CD !!!

From the depths of the legendary BT Puppy vaults.....(a label which seems to have as many lost albums as they had hits!)....the very Daddies of Softpop....The Tokens! Though the Tokens are best remembered for their international smash hit ... Full DescriptionThe Lion Sleeps Tonight, recently revived in The Lion King, they did much more....producers, writers, publishers and label owners, they had a long string of hits in all those roles.....Intercourse is a full on Softpop song cycle, inexplicably turned down by their then-label Warner Brothers, and released in an edition of 200 copies on their own BT Puppy label for contractual reasons.....far from their Doo-Wop roots, The Tokens delivered an album pitched somewhere between Pet Sounds and Sergeant Pepper, with all the production and arrangement tricks that wonder Warners were dumbfounded!.....and no wonder collectors have been going nuts and paying silly sums for this album ever since!.....Newly remastered by The Tokens themselves, this is a surprise treat in anyone's language, as The Tokens show not only every cult Softpop group, but many superstars just how it's done....with the wicked tongue-in -cheek touch which they were justly famous for.