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New Music - Green Tree





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Originally Released 1975
Digipak Reissue 2017 New Music - Green Tree

6 page Digipak!
Digitally remastered!
+ bonustracks


1. Keep On Movin'
2. Dreams
3. Let's Get Hi
4. Electric Rider
5. Because You're Not
6. You Know Who I Am
7. Boogin' On A Saturday Night
8. Break Down

9. Purple Haze
10. Making You Feel Right
11. Dolce Delilah (Blackbirds)(Durum Single, Side A/B, 1966)
12. Torna Verso Il Sole (Blackbirds) (Durum Single, Side A/B, 1966)

In 1970, European psychedelic rock band Brainticket was about to release their first album, featuring Werner Fröhlich on bass and Cosimo Lampis on drums. They departed the group and formed Toad with Vittorio 'Vic' Vergeat, who was briefly in the British space rock group Hawkwind, on guitar. They began writing and recording material for their first album in late 1970, and in 1971, Toad released their self-titled album and the single Stay!, which did fairly well and made a great deal of headway in the Swiss charts: a feat that no other hard rock band had ever accomplished in that country. The album was mixed by the legendary British producer Martin Birch (who also produced for Deep Purple,Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath). The album also features Benjamin Beni Jaeger on vocals, who would leave once the album was finished. As their first album was being released in 1971, Toad performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival that was recorded live by the Swiss Television, but the footage was lost and to date there seems to be no further copy.
In 1972, the band released Tomorrow Blue, which was in a more blues direction and without a lead vocalist (with Vergeat and Fröhlich taking over vocal duties). Like their first album, it was engineered by the British record producer Martin Birch. The album also included Helmut Lipsky onviolin, who played prominently on the tracks Blind Chapman's Tales, Change In Time and the single Green Ham. Later the same year, the band recorded the album Open Fire: Live in Basel 1972 which included covers of Hendrix's Red House and the Band of Gypsys Who Knows. They waited until 1974 to release their third album, Dreams, which featured the popular single 'Purple Haze'. After that, their history remains largely undocumented except for a live album recorded in Geneva during 1978 and a studio album released in the early 1990s with different versions of the band. The rest of the 1970s and 1980s were spent appearing on a few compilations, releasing live albums and performing while slowly fading into relative obscurity. Somewhere between 1979 and 1988, original bassist Werner Fröhlich left the group and was replaced by Kelvin Bullen, and after he too departed from the group in the early 1990s was replaced by André Buser who would remain with the band until its demise.

In 1986, Toad made an appearance at the St. Gallen Open Air Festival in St. Gallen, Switzerland. During 1993, Toad released the studio album, Stop This Crime. Following its release, original drummer Cosimo Lampis departed from the group and was replaced by Claudio Salsi who would remain until Toad broke up. After Lampis departed from the band, he would go on to create a school in Sardinia.
In 1994, Toad played a concert in Brienz, Switzerland which provided the material for the popular live album, The Real Thing. In about 1995, Toad broke up and have to date, not reformed. Following Toad's demise, the album Hate To Hate was released, it contained the same tracks as Stop This Crime but with a different cover and title. After Toad, Vegeat went on a solo career, releasing many albums over the years. He then formed and toured with his very own band, The Vic Vergeat Band, he still records and plays live to this day (mostly in Europe). The other former members went on to other groups or retired from the music business altogether. The band never achieved great success outside of their own country, but were very influential on the Swiss heavy metal movement during the 1980s, influencing such notable bands as Krokus and Celtic Frost. They have seen renewed interest in the early 2000s among the Europeanhard rock scene.