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Studio Album, released in 1972
CD Reissue 2013 Eastern Time
sealed !

Their style can be described as progressive rock with jazz influences. Similar bands of the ex-Yugoslavian scene were INDEXI, KORNI GRUPA and SMAK, while on the international scene one can mention the cross between GENESIS, FOCUS, TRAFFIC and STEELY DAN for example. The first album is the best and the dominating instruments were Hammond organ, piano and flute.

For prog fans the first album Time is highly recommended for listening. It is one of the best debuts in the former Yugoslavian rock scene and it influenced many generations of musicians.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Istina masina 
2. Pjesma no3 
3. Hegedupa upa 
4. Kralj alkohol 
5. Za koji zivot treba da se rodim 

+ 4 bonus tracks

Line-up / Musicians

- Brane Lambert Zivkovic / piano, flute, electric piano 
- Dado Topic / vocal 
- Mario Mavrin / bass 
- Ratko Divjak / drums 
- Vedran Bozic / guitar, vocal
- Tihomir Pop Asanovic / Hammond organ