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Originally released 1978
CD reissue 1994 Musea Records

Sealed !

In the end of the Seventies, TIBET distinguished itself for the quality of its music and the freshness of its inspiration. This German band is based on the complementarity between both keyboards players and endeavours to provide some romantic music illuminated by the eloquence of the vocalist Klaus WERTHMANN. This results in a really personal Progressive rock, even if the influences of GENESIS or CARAVAN can't be ignored. Sole recording left to posterity by TIBET, the eponymous album is reissued today by the Musea label. The original tapes being lost, an immense work had to be done in order to clean up the sound of a vinyl disk and transfer it to the CD support. The result is quite satisfying, enhancing the great qualities of these obscure musicians. As usual, the booklet by Francis GROSSE comprises an exhaustive biography, numerous photos from the period and the lyrics. Don't miss it !