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Hard Rock

Re-issue 2005 Mason Records

2 original recordings on 1 CD:

- Third World War (1971)
- Third World War 2 (1972)


Tony Ashton - Keyboards
Jim Avery - Bass
Bobby Keys - Sax
Mick Lieber - Guitar
Peter Martin - Guitar
Jim Price - Horns
Fred Smith - Drums
Terry Stamp - Guitar, Vocals
Craig Collinge - Drums
John Hawken - Piano
John Knightsbridge - Guitar

The band's line-up featured Terry Stamp (guitar and vocals), Jim Avery (bass) and Fred Smith (drums). Hailed by critics as fantastic, loud, exciting and full of power, they are fondly remembered as pioneers of British heavy metal. With Terry Stamp's guitar work well to the fore, they tore into such songs as Ascension Day, M.I.5's Alive, and Working Class Man.

Their song titles all have an uncompromising ring, like Get Out Of Bed You Dirty Red and Preaching Violence, all of which were featured on their eponymous debut album, released on the Fly label in 1971. Ascension Day was released as a single, which they followed up with another single cut, Little Bit of Urban Rock.

The band gigged quite heavily on the circuit and built up a reasonable following, which encouraged them to record one more album. Third World War 2 was released on Fly in 1972, with Craig Collinge on drums. Many felt the band should have enjoyed greater success and recognition. However, they bowed to the pressure and the band split in 1973. Nothing daunted, Terry Stamp went off to release a solo album, Fat Sticks released on A&M in 1976. The war was over - it was time to give peace a chance.

Chris Welch, London, 1995