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Originally released in 1970 on the Los Angeles-based psychedelic label, Happy Tiger, Them was the band’s first release since Van Morrison’s departure in 1965. After a few years spent floundering, the band regrouped under the leadership of founding member Alan Henderson to produce this brilliant psychedelic-tinged album. Morrison’s replacement was none other than the king of session men, Jerry Cole. Cole was quite a catch for the band considering his lengthy resumé, which included recording with The Byrds on ‚"Mr. Tambourine Man‚", The Beach Boys on Pet Sounds, and Nancy Sinatra on ‚"These Boots Are Made For Walking‚", to name just a few. He was also one of the best bandleaders in the business (leading bands on the top television music shows of the day, Hullabaloo and Shindig! among others). On top of all this, Cole was also a songwriter, and here contributes the opening tracks to both sides A and B, ‚"I Keep Singing‚" and ‚"Memphis Lady‚". Unfortunately this renaissance of the band failed to produce any hits, and they soon faded into history, leaving fans with little knowledge of this great, if little-known, second era of Them


Side A:
1. I Keep Singing
2. Lonely Weekends
3. Take a Little Time
4. You Got Me Good
5. Jo Ann
Side B:
1. Memphis Lady
2. In the Midnight Hour
3. Nobody Cares
4. I Am Waiting
5. Just a Little