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Acid Nightmare





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Vinyl Reissue 2013 - Acid Nightmare Records !

When you have 5 black guys playing heavy psych loaded with fuzz, wah-wah guitars and a total dope feel, you're in for something special. These guys were originally from Trinidad but came to NYC and recorded this killer album in 1971 on the Calla label (Roulette sub-label). It's interesting to note that this album failed to reach audiences at the time, in part because of a deal gone wrong with Columbia, but also because their music was 'too white' for a black audience and 'too black' for a white audience. In all truth, the album should rank high above with the likes of Cream, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Luv Machine or the Human Instinct. You got loads of guitar and fuzzed deep bass going on, with a killer hammond organ and 'out there' vocals. A real hidden psychedelic rock gem. This release is limited to only 400 copies. Comes in faithful cover repro and professionally remastered sound.