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England Essentials: Complete Digipak Series - 6 CDs in 4 Digipaks




New Music - Green Tree


4 x Digipack (6 CDs)



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The Ultimate England Collection: Complete Digipak Series

Dive into the musical journey of England with their essential's collection. This collection brings together four celebrated albums in one comprehensive package.

  1. Garden Shed - Golden Edition + Bonustracks (Double Digipak CD): A masterpiece of progressive rock, now enriched with rare bonus tracks.
  2. The Concerts In Japan (Double Digipak CD): Relive the magic of England's live performances with this exceptional recording.
  3. The Last Of The Jubblies - Silver Edition (Digipak CD): A unique blend of symphonic and melodic rock, remastered for the silver edition.
  4. Box Of Circles (Digipack CD): Their latest work, showcasing the evolving sound and creativity of the band.

This collection not only brings together the iconic music of England but also offers a visual treat with each album's unique Digipak design and four multi-page booklets. Perfect for collectors and fans alike, this is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the artistry of England.

Embrace the legacy of England with this exclusive collection.