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Tetsu & The Good Times Roll Band - Tetsu & The Good Times Roll Band - Live (CD)









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Original release 1977
Re-issue 2009 Universum


1. Ain't Too Proud To Beg
2. Travelling Man
3. If You Need Me
4. 634-5789
5. I Know But You Don't Know
6. Wake Up
7. Don't You Need Somebody
8. Long Are The Days
9. Hard Working Loving Man.

Tetsu Yamauchi: bass
Katsutoshi Morizono: guitar
Gary Pickford Hopkins: vocals
Horuko Kuwana: vocals
Katsuhiko Kamituna: keyboards
Toshio Kumanomido: keyboards
Yoshitaka Shimada: drums.

Tetsu Yamauchi was born October 21, 1946, in Fukuoka, Japan. By the mid Sixties, Tetsu was in the Japanese folk-rock band, the Mikes. In late 1967 or early 1968, he joined a band called Samurai that was touring Europe. They moved to London and in 1970’s, but Samurai returned to Japan. The band was led by it's vocalist, Miki Curtis. Tetsu also got a lot of session work through Miki, who was a successful producer. This included work with jazz vocalist Helen Merrill's son, Alan. In 1971, He recorded the solid Kossoff / Kirke / Tetsu / Rabbit - whose were launch in the year after - with Free guitarist Paul Kossoff and Drummer Simon Kirke, together with keyboard player John 'Rabbit Bundrick. In 1972, Tetsu released the first of two solo albums, Tetsu and after that, Kikyo, whose label and year of recorder is unknown. In the same 1972, the bassist became internationally recognized when replaced Andy Fraser in Free, touring and recorded the bass lines of the band’s final album. When Ronnie Lane left the Faces in 1973, Tetsu replaced him. After the Faces ground to a halt, Yamauchi returned to Japan. There, he works as leader, bassist and producer touring and recording with bands and artists as Tetsu and the Good Times Roll Band, Peter Brötzmann, OPE, Poly Breath Percussion Band, and Werner Lüdi.