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Original release 1976
CD reissue 2011 by Crossroad Productions
sealed !

US Southern- / Hardrock similar to Lynyrd Skynyrd & Allman Brothers

Super rare private press southern rock / psych LP recorded at the Sound Farm studio in small town Puryear, Tennesee in 1976. Killer killer killer guitars !!, I couldnt find a whole lot of information on this band or LP except for some stuff by google search, i think jimmy stewart has a website and maybe a studio in camden tn. , i added a little clip of two songs so you could get a taste of this southern flavored lp, 1st song clip is waiting for a better day and 2nd song clip is farmin man, this i believe is there 1st lp, there second lp was called to a brother i believe and it sold for a pretty good amount on ebay this year, I never seen this record before , only there second lp has come up for sale once according to popsike, i live about 20 minutes from the tennessee river and have heard about this band playing in camden and around tennessee, people thought these guys were to be the next lynrd skynrd and i can understand why, awesome lp and very very hard to find!!
This band is a legend in Tennessee...

T.R. Crooks {Tennessee River Crooks is, Jimmy Stewart on bass, Ronnie Waters and Larry Farrar on guitars, and Ricky Stewart on drums.