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Tarney / Spencer Band , The - Three's A Crowd + Bonus (Digipack)




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Original release 1978
Re-issue 2009
Digitally remastered

Tarney-Spencer Band was an Australian rock band composed of Trevor Spencer and Alan Tarney in the late 1970s. The band recorded three albums, and is notable for the song No Time to Lose which received substantial air-play in the USA on Album-oriented rock radio stations, and charted twice on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart .
About the same time as Tarney and Spencer were working under the name Quartet, they were also sitting in on sessions for Cliff Richard. Alan Tarney eventually joined The Shadows on bass in 1973, staying until 1977. Alan appears on the releases by Cliff and The Shadows.

Shortly after, the Tarney-Spencer Band signed a deal with A&M Records for 10 albums. The band's second album (1st for A&M), was titled Three's a Crowd and featured cover art with rounded corners, shaped like an American style cafe menu card. The album received modest airplay on AOR radio station in the US and reached #174 on Billboard Magazine's album chart. A single from the album, It's Really You hit #86 on the Billboard Hot 100.

1. Bye bye now my sweet love
2. Takin' me back
3. It's really you
4. We believe in love
5. Maybe I'm right
6. I can hear love
7. Set the minstrel free
8. Magic still runs through your head
9. Capital shame
10. Easier for you

Bonus Tracks: (taken from single Blackie , written by Tarney / Spencer)

11. Making a bad boy good
12. Can't get by without you