Tangerine Dream - The Hollywood Years Vol.2 (CD)




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German Electronic Music
feat. Edgar Froese Hollywood Years Vol. 2 (1998)
Article No. TDI CD 008
Artist: Tangerine Dream

01. South Camora
02. Velvet Sun
03. Midas Touch
04. City Monk
05. Lava Levin
06. Cool Ma Bell
07. Dare To Change
08. Hall Of Mirrors
09. Token From Birdland
10. In The Distant Shone
11. 3rd Angels Gate
12. Silver Moon Lake
13. Riding The Lizard Overland
14. Walkin With A Mandarin
15. Rose Of Babylon

Contains previously unreleased music and leftovers from various movies - Part two of the Hollywood Years CD compilation - Contains Rose of Babylon sung by Vicky McClure, known as the singer of the olympic summer games hymn in Los Angeles .