Takeshi Terauchi & Blue Jeans - Rashomon (CD)




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Originally Released 1972
CD Reissue 2016 Flawed Gems

Sealed !

In the 60s guitarist Takeshi Terauchi (first with his band The Bunnys and later with The Blue Jeans) covered many popular genres, from garage and surf-rock guitar instrumentals, through sentimental ballads to his own inimitable takes on classical music.
It has completely changed in 1972 with (almost) fully instrumental and truly fantastic Rashomon album - released by local King Records in nice, gatefold cover with two inserts.
The music was partly inspired by famous Akira Kurosawa's Rashomon movie from 1950, but also by the old Japanese melodies. It was a great surprise for many Terauchi fans, but also a huge disappointment for some of them. The album sold rather badly at the time, but today is considered as a true 70s rock masterpiece based on amazingly-sounded heavy fuzz guitar supported by acid organ, some soaring flute and busy drumming.
In 1973 Rashomon was released in Germany by Telefunken in single cover.