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Taj-Mahal Travellers - Live Stockholm July 1971 (Doppel CD)






Doppel CD



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Original release 1971
Re-issue 2006 Walhalla

Recorded live at Moderna Museet, Stockholm July 1971

Digitally remastered
Double-CD / sealed !

Takehisa Kosugi is a hippie become avantgarde composer. Born in Tokyo in 1938, and graduated in 1962 at the Tokyo University of Arts, Kosugi founded the Japanese equivalent of the Fluxus movement, called Group Ongaku, a group devoted to improvisation and multi-media performances. In 1969 he formed the Taj Mahal Travellers, a psychedelic-rock group that played lengthy improvised jams that can be summarized in three principles: a Far-eastern approach to music as a living organism, an intense electronic processing of instruments and voices, a semi-mathematical overlapping of frequencies. Basically: LaMonte Young on acid. Kosugi mainly played violin. He was on the road with this group between 1971 and 1972, traveling in a Volkswagen minibus from Holland to the Taj Mahal itself. Two albums were made out of that experience: Taj-Mahal Travellers (Sony, 1972), also known as July 15 1972 (reissued in 2002 by Drone Syndicate) and performed by a seven-unit line-up, and Taj Mahal Travellers (Denon, 1983), also known as August 1974 (reissued in 1998 by P-Vine), four tracks over two LPs performed by eight players, plus one side (two tracks) of the legendary double-LP bootleg Live At Oz (Oz, 1973 - OZ Days, 2001), which also includes live performances by obscure Japanese musicians Acid Seven, Minami Masato and Hadaka no Rallizes. Thirty years later the Live Stockholm July 1971 (Drone Syndicate, 2001), a two-hour long jam, also resurfaced from the vault.

Takehisa Kosugi: electric violin, harmonica, voice etc.
Ryo Koike: electric double bass, suntool (possibly santur), voice, etc.
Yukio Tsuchiya: tuba, percussion, etc.
Seiji Nagai: trumpet, Mini-Korg synthesizer, tympani, etc.
Michihiro Kimura: voice, percussion, mandolin, etc.
Tokio Hasegawa: voice, percussion, etc.
Kinji Hayashi: electronic technique