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Originally released 1974
CD reissue 20
22 Paisley Press

Danish early 70’s rock/bluesrock band with a parallel German career using the bandname System. Started out playing in the early 70’s, recording their first album in 1972 though it wasn’t released until 1974, In 1973 the band toured in Norway and W.Germany. In the 1974 their debut album was finally released, in Denmark as by Sensory System titled “Sensory!” and in W.Germany as selftitled “System”.

Their first album was partly recorded at Studio Maschen (just outside Hamburg) with the involvement of Achim Reichel. Sensory System played hard rock reminding me of the Alex Harvey Band and James Gang (and countless other “rock” groups, really). Massive amounts of electric guitar, creaky vocals and half-decent songs but never anything outstanding. …~