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Stormy Six - Un Biglietto Del Tram (Vinyl)


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Studio Album, released in 1975
Re-issue BTF

Stormy Six biography
Stormy Six from Milan, Italy was one of the original bands in the RIO movement and appeared in the famous on March 12th 1978 in the New London Theatre in London. However, as opposed to the other bands appearing with them, they did not start out their musical career as a RIO sounding band. Stormy Six began its life in the mid 60's as a folk group with psych influences and left wing tendencies, composing protest songs. This has been the case in their first 3 albums, Le idee di oggi per la musica di domain(1969), L'unità (1972) and Guarda giù dalla pianura (1974). In their 4th album, Un biglietto del tram from 1975 the complexity and experimentalism start to show. It was to be only in their 6th album, L'apprendista from 1977 that the RIO sound would reach its climax. The following Macchina Maccheronica from 1980 is even a more complex and continues in the pathway of its predecessor. Both these albums are what won this band a place in the RIO genre. With the next final studio album, Al Volo from 1982 they introduced an electronic and poppish sound in their music. Their last output was when they reunited for a concert and released it as a live CD in 1993 called Un concert. For RIO fans, the recommended albums are the two L'apprendista and Macchina Maccheronica and to a lesser extent, Un biglietto del tram.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Stalingrado
2. La fabbrica
3. Arrivano gli americani
4. 8 settembre
5. Nuvole a Vinca
6. Dante Di Nanni
7. Gianfranco Mattei
8. La sepoltura dei morti
9. Un biglietto del tram

Line-up / Musicians

- Franco Fabbri / guitar, vocals
- Umberto Fiori / guitar, vocals
- Carlo De Martini / sax, violin
- Tommaso Leddi / violin, mandolin, balalajka, guitar
- Luca Piscicelli / bass, vocals
- Antonio Zanuso / drums