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Spirit - Cosmic Smile (Digipack)









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Spirit: Cosmic Smile (Akarma - CD Digipak)

Creators of refined and original albums, Spirit are undoubtedly one of the most interesting groups in the panorama of American rock, thanks to drummer Ed Cassidy (ex-jazz drummer) and guitarist Randy California.

Spirit Frontman, Randy California gets better and better. Randy's untimely passing keeps bringing out the best of his underated music career. As a guitarist, he was one of the best. This latest album, Cosmic Smile, is packed with unreleased gems that are a joy to listen to.....My only regret is that it took his death to open the eyes of critiques and producers to see the extreme talent that was overlooked for so long. Cosmic Smile is one of those rarities that you keep playing over and over and it just gets better and better. The production sounds very good which puts the iceing on the cake!

Track Listing:

1. Shake My Ego Down
2. Barkin' Up The Wrong Tree
3. Compromise
4. No Time To Pretend
5. Close To You
6. Mean And Beautiful
7. One By One
8. Fire
9. Wave
10. Love From The Heart
11. I Had A Dream
12. River Of Love
13. Break My Back
14. Cosmic Smile
15. Can't Sit Down (Livin' On Love)