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Original release 1970
Re-issue 2007 FootPrint Records
Digitally remastered

Jeremy Spencer (born 4 July 1948, in Hartlepool, County Durham), is a British musician, best known as one of Fleetwood Mac's first guitarists, joining the band in July 1967. His speciality was the slide guitar, and he was strongly influenced by blues musician Elmore James. He remained with the band until February 1971, when he joined a religious group called the Children of God, with whom he still works.

Jeremy Spencer is an album by British blues rock musician Jeremy Spencer, who was a member of Fleetwood Mac from 1967-71. Released in 1970 (see 1970 in music), this was his first solo album and the first solo album by a current member of Fleetwood Mac.

The album consisted of a collection of blues and 1950s songs, many of them parodies of other artists or styles. Spencer had already proved his powers of mimicry on the first two Fleetwood Mac albums, and he used this solo project to extend this to other forms of music, such as surf pop on Surfin' Girl. Other artists that came in for the Spencer treatment were Buddy Holly and Elvis Presley.

Accompanying Spencer on the album were the other members of Fleetwood Mac, although Peter Green was only present on one track, String-a-long. This album can be seen as making up for Spencer's absence on the previous Fleetwood Mac album Then Play On

Track listing

  1. Linda (Spencer)
  2. The Shape I'm In (Cathy/Blackwell)
  3. Mean Blues (Spencer)
  4. String-a-long (Duncan/Doyle)
  5. Here Comes Charlie (With His Dancing Shoes On) (Spencer)
  6. Teenage Love Affair (Spencer)
  7. Jenny Lee (Spencer)
  8. Don't Go Please Stay (Spencer)
  9. You Made A Hit (Maynard)
  10. Take A Look Around Mrs Brown (Spencer)
  11. Surfin' Girl (Spencer)
  12. If I Could Swim The Mountain (Spencer)



  • Produced by Jeremy Spencer