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Solar Project - Chromagnitude (CD)









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The music has a small amount of neo mixed with some elements of symphonic and melodic. The result is nice vocals (male, female and choir) melodic prog style and heavy rhythms. SOLAR PROJECT successfully adds a new face to Nineties neo progressive. GREAT PRODUCTION AND GREAT MELODIES !

Studio Album, released in 2007

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Gray (5:10)
2. Green (15:20)
3. Red (8:41)
4. Black (11:33)
5. Blue (6:05)
6. Yellow (9:20)
7. White (7:48)

Line-up / Musicians

- Sandra Baetzel / vocals, backvocals and saxophones
- Volker Janacek / vocals, drums
- Sebastian Jungermann / basses
- Peter Terhoeven / guitars
- Robert Valet / keyboards

Review by erik neuteboom

3 This is a German band , their debut CD The Final Solution was released in 1989 so you can conclude that Solar Project is making prog for almost twenty years!

This new CD (their sixth studio album) contains 7 compostions that sound simply structured but very tasteful coloured by guitar and especially keyboards, the Hammond organ work often evokes Manfred Wieczorke his work in early Eloy. The guitarplay has obvious hints of David Gilmour, especially in the opener Gray (also delicate saxophone solo and omnipresent organ sound) and Black (alternating with very compelling organ work). My highlight is the long track Green (more than 15 minutes) featuring lots of shifting moods and very pleasant work on guitar (from heavy riffs and sensitive play to a captivating psychedelic solo and a fine duet with the organ) and kebyoards (from soaring synthesizers and compelling Hammond sounds to frequent eruptions on the choir-Mellotron. Halfway the climate turns into psychedelic like Pink Floyd At Pompeii. The final part delivers fat guitar riffs and fiery guitar runs. The vocals are often duo, a combination of male and female, it sound pleasant but the lyrics are very simple. At some moments the music reminds me of the first Epidaurus album, also from Germany but rooted in the Seventies.

This is not music with refinement, tension, inventive ideas or awesome skills but if you like early Eloy or more psychedelic pInk Floyd, this is a CD to discover.