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In April 2014 Solar Project has released the ninth album Aquarmada.
Complex art rock, sometimes heavy, sometimes floydian-style filigrane, sometimes psychedelic, this perfectly describes the musical spectrum.

Solar Projectwas started in 1988 by Robert Valet, Volker Janacek and Peter Terhoeven as a studio project. The debut album was published in 1990 and until 2007 further six albums followed, which are distributed by the French record label Musea. In addition Solar Project contributed to Pink Floyd tribute albums with cover versions. Since 1994 Solar Projectcan also be experienced live on stage.
The ninth album Aquarmada is distributed by German label New Music-Green Tree.

Here are some reviews of the earlier albums:

Press Review Background Magazine No 48 (08/95), The Netherlands
After having heard just two songs from the abum, I knew for sure that I was going to Iike 'The House of S.Phrenia' very much. I have played this album every day since the day it arrived at my
mailbox, and you may easily conclude that I am addicted to this album I enjoy every second of it and fortunately there are 4501 of them.
Every time I play this album, the music is able to hold my attention from the beginning right till the end. because just every track has something beautiful or thrilling to it, SOLAR PROJECT don't try
to impress with technical craftsmanship, fast licks or complex passages, but concentrate with a PINK FLOYD-like overall sound. This overall picture is filled with excellent keyboard and guitar
parts, various singing voices, mysterious sound effects and nice solos. The fact that SOLAR PROJECT are heavily influenced by PINK FLOYD only contributes to the overall idea. On 'The
House Ot S.Phrenia', you hear that SOLAR PROJECT do have a sound ot their own. The core of the band is formed by keyboardist Robert Valet en guitarist Peter Terhoeven, two German musicians
with a progressive heart ot gold. They are assisted by severral guest musicians, who are the backing band for SOLAR PROJECT: Jörg Weweries and Andreas Bracht on bass. Anja Kiechle en Stefan
Mageney on vocals and Volker Janacek on drums.Just as was the case with their previous two CDs 'The Final Solution' and 'World Games', is 'The
House Of S.Phrenia' a conceptual album, I will try to explain. The house of S.Phrenia is a flat consisting of ten different floors, which symbolize the brain. With an elevator - which can be heard
in between all tracks - the band enter every floor and have a bit of a watch in all accessible appartments. Every appartment tells its own story states the booklet: The lyrics picture the depths
ot the human psyche and reflect the bi-parted views ot modern society. So, this CD contains ten different and very worthwhile tracks, but I would like to discuss of couple of them who are
extremely worthwhile. The highlights are 'S.Phrenie I & II'and 'G.Mania' with a female Freddy Mercury, namely Ania Kiechle. Her flexible and expressive voice is very nice. The absolutely
highlight is formed by the finale of 'F.Power'. Here showcases guitarist Peter terhoeven his talents and and shakes the fundaments of the house. What a guitarist! What a structures! Wow, what a great CD!
Dirksen de Raker

Solar Project: Five
'The sound that is achieved is remarkable and the lyrics varied, it's quite prog rock/experimental in
it's own way and an excellent job has been made. Musea keep coming up with these little gems.'
Modern Dance No 36, United Kingdom, 2001

'Einlegen und geniessen! Mit «Five» ist Solar Project nicht nur eine Spitzenscheibe die als absolut
würdiger Nachfolger der « Time» in nichts nachsteht, sondern eine der besten Scheiben des
Jahres 2001 gelungen!
Fe/2, Eclipsed No 34, Germany, 2001

Solar Project: Force Majeure
I think this is the band's best effort to date and is one of the strongest albums to appear in the field of Symphonic Space Rock in the last two years.
Vitaly Menshikov, ProgressoR, Uzbekistan, 2004

In any case, you should have this album... Solar Project is one of the few sure bets in current progressive scene.
Alfonso Algora, progVisions, Spain, 2004

If you like both Pink Floyd and Tangerine Dream yet have no expectations that Solar Project is just a clone of either, you could be onto a winner.Recommended.
Jem Jedrzejewski, The Hairless Heart Herald, UK, 2004

Solar Project: Chromagnitude
Press Review DPRP - Dutch Progressive Rock Page, NL
...So what to make of Chromagnitude? Certainly a nice concept and one that is put together nicely playing out as a single piece with recurring themes rather than separate tracks hung together on a
rather flimsy skeleton. The playing is great throughout with some great instrumental passages mixed with interesting vocal sections. Certainly the vocals of Baetzel are much better than those of
Janacek but the two do blend together well. Overall I am left wondering why I have never come across this band at any point in the past twenty-odd years? I already have an order in for another of
their albums which should say something about my opinion of this album!
Conclusion: 8 out of 10