Sir Lord Baltimore - Kingdom Come (CD)




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Originally released 1970
CD reissue 2015 Lumpy Gravy Records

Sealed !

Rightly hailed as a classic of proto-metal, Sir Lord Baltimore's fiery debut is pretty much an instant classic if you're a fan of heavy psych. Similar to stuff like Leaf Hound & Captain Beyond, this could easily have been a modern stoner rock album if you beefed up the production, given the thunderous, energetic guitar playing and screeching vocals.


1 Master Heartache 4:35
2 Hard Rain Fallin' 2:54
3 Lady Of Fire 2:51
4 Lake Isle Of Innersfree 4:01
5 Pumped Up 4:08
6 Kingdom Come 6:33
7 I Got A Woman 3:01
8 Hell Hound 3:18
9 Helium Head (I Got A Love) 4:00
10 Ain't Got Hung On You 2:22


Bass - Gary Justin
Drums, Lead Vocals - John Garner
Guitar - Louis Dambra