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Seid - Magic Handshake (Doppel Vinyl)




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Doppel Vinyl



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Psychedelic Prog Spacerock (Norway)

The band prefers to call their music Cosmic Pirate Rock, not necessarily a self-explanatory description. Let's say you combine the Hawkwind-style spacerock with 70's psychedelic groove a la Gong, sprinkled with a solid dose of rock steriods for muscle. Then you're on the trail of the Seid sound. The pirate part of the phrase refers to the joy of sailing all kinds of musical waters, plundering what you like and forging it into your own. After about one hundred concerts in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands between 2002 and 2006, the band is ready for conquering new territories with their new album. This is not to be considered a reunion, there are new songs, a new member, and new visions. The original members Burt Rocket, Organ Morgan, Janis Lazzaroni and Jurgen Kosmos have recruited Viktor Martin on drums, vocals and electronics.


  1. Space Pirates Return
  2. Decode The Glow
  3. The Dark Star Is Waiting
  4. The True Merry Poppers
  5. Trôn
  6. Fire It Up!
  7. Ölyôk Kok Friebib
  8. Birds
  9. Space Rock Dogma
  10. Magic Handshake
  11. Sister Sinsemilla


Seid biography
SEID is one of Norway's best and most unique prog bands. Founded in the 90s they play heavy psych rock referring to the old 60s and 70s with vintage keyboards and transitions to classic prog and alternative. The band released two albums and three singles so far.

The founding members first of all remained at their hometown Arendal for several years to play music with influences of psychedelia, folk, space rock and seventies prog. Later located in Trondheim SEID produced the first album 'Among The Monster Flowers Again', which brought up good reviews. Two singles were also released in 2002 with the line-up Burt Rocket (keyboards, guitar), Jørgen Kosmos (guitars, bass), Jan Space (drums, mellotron), Janis (guitars, drums) and Organ Morgan (keyboards) supported by some additional musicians.

Working hard for the reputation they began to tour, did a special show for the world premiere of Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers and came to several other european countries. In 2006 'Creatures Of The Underworld' was released by the Sulatron Records label - a matured album with catchy melodies. Three band members play organ and other key instruments which is remarkable for the sound and is caring for a retro touch. Not particularly intended but you can feel that all the members are inspired of the 60s/70s.

Recommended to fans of space/psychedelic music - especially with affinities to diverse keyboard stuff.

Rivertree (Uwe Zickel)


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