Sarne, Mike - Come Outside (CD)


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2001 Rock In Box Records

Mike Sarne was a singer-actor of the sixties who had one big hit - Come outside, which replaced Elvis Presley's Good luck charm at number one in the British charts of 1962. The backup singer on that song was Wendy Richard who went on to become famous in the UK as a TV actress, first in the long-running comedy series Are you being served, then as part of the soap Eastenders. Another backup singer featured in this collection is Billie Davis, who eventually had a British top ten hit of her own with Tell him (a song that was originally an American hit for the Exciters).

Come outside was typical of the type of song Mike most liked to sing, with a touch of satire and a bit of a cheeky chappie attitude - so if you want your music to be politically correct, this collection is not for you. Mike sang in a pseudo-Cockney accent that may also put off some people.