Sandstone - Can You Mend A Silver Thread ? (Vinyl)


Folk / Psych - Prog


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Original release 1971
LP Reissue 2010 Missing Vinyl
Sealed !

Little-known private folk psych trip that's head and shoulders above almost every other US folk psych record. It's hard to believe it's not from the UK, as it's instrumentation and compositional style remind you of Mellow Candle, Pentangle, Midwinter, etc. Recorded in 1971 at a local studio that must have been quite high end, because the production quality is astounding. Lyrically poetic, haunting primarily female vocals, and with entirely original compositions, this is every inch a mindblowing US private press and creates a dreamy, wistful mood typical of the style. From the cover to the instrumentation to the deeply strange and lovely lyrics, this may be my all-time fave US folk psych private. Maybe the truest US folk psych you've yet found.