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Sancta Sanctorum - Black Sun (Vinyl)




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SANCTA SANCTORUM is a group of `sacred names` in the temple of Italian Rock, that has formed an alliance with the intent of leaving an indelible sign in the realm of the Dark-Hard Rock Sound. The band was formed in 2007 from the renewed collaboration between Steve Sylvester, mythical singer and founder of the seminal DEATH SS, and Thomas Hand Chaste, drummer in the first line-up of this historic italian cult-band (1977/84 era). The purpose was to combine their respective experiences, matured in more than 25 years of artistic-musical career, in order to create a new entity that, starting from the dark sound of their mother band, could lead them to broader and more experimental musical horizons, converging their respective musical influences based on the hard-progressive sounds of the 70s and freeing themselves from the esoteric themes and complex theatrics of the original combo. Another `survivor` of the original legendary DEATH SS line-up is the bass-player Gabriele Tommasini, in art Danny Hughes, known after the DEATH SS experience as bass-player for the Violet Eves (a jazz-POP-rock group that gained a certain success in the 80s) and going on to become a demanded session musician as well as manager of his own recording studio. The line-up is completed with the younger, but not for this less skilled Frederick Dope, a talented guitar-player, emulous of the most inspired Tony Iommi, and John Di Lallo who, with his lisergic and evocative keyboards, contributes to enrich the powerful and 70s-oriented sound of the band. After `The Shining Darkness` new work with a new `Black Sun` version, an unreleased song (`Crash`) and cover versions of legendary 21st Century Schizoid Man (King Crimson) and Rainbow Demon (Uriah Heep) ...

1) Black sun (single version)
2) Rainbow Demon
3) Crash
4) 21st Century Schizoid Man
5) Black Sun video Clip.

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