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Progressive (Japan)

Re-issue 1998

This was not the British band with Dave Lawson, but a Japanese one. They moved to Britain in the late 60's, and got a contract with Philips. They were also joined by several British members and released a couple of albums. Kappa from 1971 reveals a band in the heavy-progressive vein and with a thing for lengthy jams and improvisations. This is especially apparent on the instrumental 22-minute King Riff and Snow Flakes that takes up the whole of side 2. Heavy guitar and organ dominates the sound, and literally every musician in the group is allowed to stretch out. The first side is a lot more structured and song-oriented, although the 10-minute opener Trauma also features lengthy improvisations. Same Old Reason is a strong tune with harpsichord and nice themes. The ballad Daredatta is sung in Japanese and dominated by the flute of Miki Curtis. Vision of Tomorrow is a straightforward and traditional 70's hard rock song. Overall, quite solid and enjoyable stuff if you're into early 70's heavy progressive rock with lengthy solos and instrumental passages.