Ronnie Von - A Máquina Voadora (CD)




Discos Mariposa





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Progressive Rock Brazil
Polydor/Discos Mariposa (Argentina), 1970

A really standout set from Brazilian rocker Ronnie Von -- easily one of his greatest records ever, and a set that shows some wonderful steps forward in production and arrangements! Ronnie's still got a rock approach at his core, but he's often working here with fuller backings that include strings and large orchestrations -- all blended with key psychedelic elements of the time, in ways that are a fair bit like some of the best productions from the Cadet Concept series -- especially the work of Rotary Connection! Like that group, Ronnie's music here draws from the familiar, then pushes its boundaries -- taking the music into unexpectedly majestic territory, but still making it groove in the end. Great credit should certainly go to arrangers Francisco De Moraes and Djama Mellin -- and titles include Enseada, Imagem, Seu Olhar No Meu, Verao Nos Chama, A Maquina Voadora, Cidade, and Voce De Azul.